Te Rere I Oturu Waterfall

Te Rere I Oturu Waterfall

This waterfall is about 20m wide and 40m high. The story goes that a Maori warrior was chased by others and he decided to jump, rather than face the ‘hunters’. The translation is something like: The place where Turu took flight.


No-trail hiking has its challenges

No-trail hiking has its challenges

Climbing big boulders to find your way

Wondering what lies around the corner

Wondering what lies around the corner

A small canyon, still waiting to be explored. I did not know what was around the corner so didn’t try. One of the things you need to be aware of when you’re hiking alone is your limitations.

Ngatuhoa Falls, Kaimai Ranges, New Zealand

Ngatuhoa Falls, Kaimai Ranges, New Zealand

Heavy showers can turn this waterfall in a raging torrent of water.

Ngatuhoa Stream: The first small canyon

Ngatuhoa Stream: The first small canyon

Standing on a small ridge, ready to take the plunge into the unknown.

Ngatuhoa Stream

Ngatuhoa Stream

View from above. I came across this view only by accident. When following the stream, I encountered a canyon which I couldn’t see to the end and it sounded as if there were rapids around the corner. I decided to leave exploring that canyon until another time (probably next year). To get passed it, I had to climb up a steep hill and try to find a way through the dense bush. Quite high on the ridge I spotted the stream, while I was fortunate to find a goat trail, barely visible, to help me along. Getting down the bank was just as steep and I was grateful for the trees and scrubs providing support when needed.

A view from behind the curtain

A view from behind the curtain

From behind a small waterfall with only little mid-summer flow, the world looks so bright